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The hours are subject to change. Any changes before the start of the competition will be posted on the website. After the start of the competition, changes will be announced by the Meet Director at the Team Leaders briefing.

  • Official training task : April 8.

  • Official Registration:  April 8 – 09:00 to 17:00 – HQ.

  • Mandatory Safety Briefing: April 8 – 17:00 to 18:00 – HQ.

  • Opening ceremony/Parade: April  8 – 19:30 – HQ.

  • Welcome Dinner: April  8 – 20:00 – HQ.

  • Contest flying days: April 9 to 15.

  • Prize-giving & Closing Ceremony: April 16 - 09:30 - Hausmalte Brewery.

  • No flying on closing ceremony day.

*HQ - San Diego suites  

Take off is Ibituruna as described on the official website. Take-off covers S, SE, NE, N and NO wind directions, elevation 1000m ASL, suitable for up to 150 competitors, good access road.


During the competition, access to the take-off area will be allowed only to pilots, the media and identified personnel. The general public will be kept outside the take-off area.


The 5th FAI Pan-American Paragliding Championship is to be held in Governador Valadares (Brazil) from April 9 to 16, 2022. Local Rules of the event were approved by CIVL Bureau and published on the website.

The maximum number of pilots is 125. There is no limit on the number of pilots per nation. The maximum number of pilots constituting a national team is 6 total and 5 of one gender. Pilots from other Continents: as per Common Section 7 Common – 2.5.3.


Eligibility to Compete:

• Between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2021, pilots must be ranked in the top 1500 in the World WPRS for paragliding or scored a minimum of 20 WPRS points in any single FAI sanctioned event.

At the time of the first allocation:

• Pilots must have the official support of their NAC.

• Nations are ranked according to the January 1, 2022 WPRS.

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